Dr. Barry Sullender

Barry Sullender & elfin forest orchids2

Academic Address

Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation
and the Cuixmala School, Jalisco, Mexico.
Email: barry.w.sullender@gmail.com, Phone: 713-771-0166.

Specialties: Tropical forest ecology, ant-plant interactions, social insects, animal behavior, genetic conflict, molecular ecology, tropical field ecology, evolution and advanced topics in evolution.



B.S.  1984.   

Ph.D.  1993  University of Oregon.


Teaching Experience

Barry Sullender enjoys teaching and has presented a number of tropical field courses in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama.  Barry has taught a variety of university level biology courses including general biology, general ecology, animal behavior, social biology, tropical field biology, evolution and advance topics in evolution.

Research Interests

Barry’s research interest are broad and include all areas of natural history, ecology and molecular biology.  His current research is with various terrestrial crustaceans and arthropods, such as millepedes, spiders, leafhoppers and ants, and how they interact with their environment.  One of his on-going projects examines the various organisms that utilize the honeydew of fulgorid leafhoppers that include ants, moths, snails and geckos.

Recent Publications

Moth taking honeydew from fulgorid leafhopper

Moth taking honeydew from fulgorid leafhopper

Vang, A., S. Omar, C. Valencia, and B. Sullender. 2014. A Neotropical Jumping Spider (Corythalia cf. bicincta) that preys on leafcutter ants. Submitted to Peckhamia.

Sullender, B. and S. Omar. 2014. Description of a Fulgorid trophobiotic system on Isla Colon, Panama that includes direct collection of honeydew by ants. In prep.

Penton, E. H., B.W. Sullender, T.J. Crease. 2002.  Pokey, a new class II transposable element in Daphnia (Cladocera: Crustacea). J. Mol. Evol. 55: 664-673.

Strassmann, J.E., B.W. Sullender, D.C. Queller. 2002. Caste totipotency and conflict in a large-colony social insect. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 269: 263-270.