Armando Medinaceli

Academic Address:

Department of Anthropology
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington
phone: 610.203.8495




Ph.D. candidate in Cultural Anthropology, Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA.MSc. Environmental Anthropology 2010, University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.Licenciatura en Biología 2004, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia.


Since 2016 I have been an instructor for introductory courses in anthropology at Washington State University. In the past, I taught courses in Ethnobiology for undergraduate and graduate levels in Bolivia. I also participated in training indigenous community members to create community research teams to engage in ethnobiological research. In my teaching I cover a wide range of topics from ethnobiological and anthropological theory to issues regarding biocultural diversity, and sustainable and traditional uses of natural resources; I emphasize research methods and ethical approaches to collaborative research with communities. In my classes I encourage the active participation of students, I aim for engaging with students in hands-on activities and sharing experiences. I provide students with a space to develop their own interests and curiosities in research: topics that they feel passionate about, are respectful, and align with local norms and traditions. I encourage students to participate in both individual and team research.

Research Interests

I have extensive ethnobiological research experience with indigenous peoples in Bolivian Amazonia andthe high Andes, as well as with indigenous communities of southern Mexico and northern Guatemala. My research has an emphasis on the fields of ethnobotany, ethnozoology, and ethnoecology. I am interested and feel passionate about collaborative approaches to research and topics ranging from traditional uses of plants and animals, community conservation, traditional ways for hunting and fishing, biocultural diversity, ethics in research, natural resource management, collaborative video and more.

As a result of my commitment to collaborate with indigenous peoples, I am also a founding member of the Latin American Society of Ethnobiology (SOLAE), and currently serve as a coordinator for the Ethics Committee for SOLAE.


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