Current Course Schedule

2017 Course Schedule

Summer Session A (May 15 through 9 June)


Summer Session B (June 15 through 10 July)

Neotropical Herpetology                                                             Peter Lahanas

Coral Reef Ecology                                                                     Alfred Beulig

Canopy Access Techniques                                                       Joe Maher

Tropical Rainforest and Canopy Ecology                               Barry Sullender/Joe Maher


Summer Session C (July 15 through 9 August)

Tropical Animal Behavior                                                            Peter Lahanas

Tropical Avian Ecology                                                                 Julio Gallardo

Tropical Field Photography  (contact us for availability)           Joe Maher

Coral Reef Ecology                                                                       Lonnie Kaczmarsky


Winter Session (December 20, 2017 through 9 January, 2018)

Tropical Rainforest and Canopy Ecology                                  Peter Lahanas/Bill Maher

Coral Reef Ecology                                                                        Al Beulig

Please note: 2017 Winter Session CRE is being offered at a special price and has been rescheduled for Jan. 10 – 22, 2018.
You must contact the ITEC office or Dr. Al Beulig for details and application instructions.  The class size is limited.  A waiting list will be kept in case of cancellations. Deadline for contacting us: Dec. 1, 2017
ITEC  phone: 352-367-9128 email:  
Dr. Al Beulig phone: 941-487-4374 email:

Forest Canopy Access Techniques                                            Bill Maher

Primate Ecology and Behavior                                                    Alain Houle