Current Course Schedule

2018 Course Schedule

Summer Session A (May 15 through 9 June)


Summer Session B (June 15 through 10 July)

Neotropical Herpetology                                                             Peter Lahanas

Coral Reef Ecology                                                                     Lonnie Kaczmarsky

Canopy Access Techniques                                                       Bill Maher

Tropical Rainforest and Canopy Ecology                               Barry Sullender/Bill Maher


Summer Session C (July 15 through 9 August)

Tropical Animal Behavior                                                            Peter Lahanas

Tropical Avian Ecology                                                                 Julio Gallardo

Tropical Field Photography  (contact us for availability)           Bill Maher

Coral Reef Ecology                                                                       TBA


Winter Session (December 20, 2018 through January 9, 2019)

Tropical Rainforest and Canopy Ecology                                  Peter Lahanas/Bill Maher

Coral Reef Ecology                                                                        Al Beulig

Forest Canopy Access Techniques                                            Bill Maher

Primate Ecology and Behavior                                                    Alain Houle