Conservation & Birding Programs

These programs vary considerably from year to year.  Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with additional information.

 ITEC Birding Program

Lying between two continents and between two oceans, Panama represents the intersection between North and South America and is one of the best locations for birding in the world. Nearly a 1000 bird species have been reported from the tiny country of Panama and the ITEC birding program will provide you with the opportunity of seeing many of them!

Marine Turtle Monitoringbaby leatherbacks.web

This program was initiated in 1997 and involves the monitoring of sea turtle nesting activity on area beaches.  ITEC operated this program until 2000 when its management was taken over by the Sea Turtle Conservancy of Gainesville, Florida.  From 2000 to 2010 ITEC was involved in the acquisition of volunteers for this program.  However, recently a decision was made to allow only Panamanian nationals as volunteers for this program.  Please direct any questions or comments to the field director of this program, Cristina Ordoñez (

Forest RestorationTree-planting at Drago school.web

This project was initiated in 1998 and involved the collection of seeds, rearing of seedlings and their transplantation to pasture areas north of the old Bocas del Toro Biological Station.  The projects field director was Kelly Keef, Ph.D., and continued for three years.  The project was a success and 15 years later, hundreds of hectares that were previously pasture now support secondary forest.  A new project is planned for the vicinity of the new Bocas del Toro Biological Station which we hope to initiate in 2015.

Community EducationDrago school kids1.7m

The Community Education program was initiated in 2006 and was funded by a grant from Conservation International’s Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund for three years.  The directors of this program were Dr. Patricia McDaniel and Gabriela Alonso Yáñez.  The program include the production of visual aids, lectures, field trips and games that demonstrated human connection to the environment.